Free Guide to Epic Date Night
Free Guide to Epic Date Night
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Join us on Instagram Live each week for 80/80 Mind Sessions

Why 80/80 Mind?

During our virtual book tour, we kept getting the same question: "How can you develop the habits of mind to actually live an 80/80 life and marriage?" The answer? Some form of mindfulness practice is often the key. 

What is an 80/80 Mind session?

During each session, we'll spend 20-30 minutes practicing one of the core habits of mindfulness: focused attention, kindness, radical generosity, awareness, and more.

How do I attend?

Follow us on Instagram (@8080Marriage). Show up during any of the times we'll be listing each week in our newsletter, in our Instagram feed, and on our website. Then tap our profile picture at the top of your Feed with a colorful ring around it. We'll also archive past sessions on our IGTV. 

Who's Teaching?

Our very own Nate Klemp, founding partner at, coauthor of the NYT Bestselling mindfulness book Start Here, and experienced mindfulness instructor. 

Can you watch previous sessions?

Yes, we're putting these up weekly on our YouTube Channel. Click here to watch them.


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