Free Guide to EPIC Date Night
Free Guide to EPIC Date Night

The 80/80 Marriage
in The News

The Los Angeles Times

Read Kaley and Nate's Op-Ed article about the power of clarifying roles in marriage during the "new normal" of Covid. For the full video, click here.

The New York Times

The New York Times released a review of The 80/80 Marriage. Click here to read the full text.

Good Morning America (GMA3)

Watch Kaley and Nate's conversation with Amy Robach about The 80/80 Marriage. For the full video, click here.

Talks at Google

We were honored to have this conversation about The 80/80 Marriage in front of 800 Google employees. The video was just released to the public. Click here or on the play button to the left.

The Times (London)

Read the full feature article in The Times (London) exploring what one couple discovered after living the principles of 80/80. Click here.

Feld Thoughts

Venture Investor and founder of The Foundry Group Brad Feld reviews The 80/80 Marriage. Click here for more.

Daily Mail TV

Watch the Daily Mail's segment on the tips and strategies for making marriage work out of The 80/80 Marriage. For the full video, click here.

So Money Podcast

Check out our conversation with personal finance guru, CNET Editor, and CNBS host Farnoosh Torabi. Click here for more.

WGN Chicago News

Watch Kaley and Nate's interview on Chicago's WGN News. For the full video, click here.

The Marriage, Kids, and Money Podcast with Andy Hill

Check out our lively conversation about radical generosity and how to deal with a "reluctant partner." Click here to listen to the podcast.

Fast Company

Read Kaley and Nate's tips for applying the science of marriage to optimize productivity and innovation in business. Click here for more.

The Daily Camera

Check out the feature article in the Sunday edition of our Boulder newspaper, The Daily Camera. Click here for more.

Inc. Magazine

Kaley and Nate explore the application of the science of marriage to optimizing cofounder relationships in business. Click here for more.

Scary Mommy

Kaley's article on the pitfalls of the 50/50 mindset of fairness and the benefits of shifting to "radical generosity." Click here for more.

Psychology Today

Read regular columns by the Klemp's in their "Making the Most of Modern Marriage" column . Click here for more..

Mindful Magazine

Kaley and Nate publish regular articles in Mindful Magazine on the intersection of relationships and mindfulness. Click here for more.

Your Tango

Kaley's article on how "radical generosity" works to create a culture of contribution -- where your husband does more. Click here for more.

Working Mother

Kaley writes about her struggles with 50/50 fairness and what led her and Nate to the 80/80 model. Click here for more.

Brit + Co

How can you make Valentine's Day or any date night epic? Read Kaley's tips. Click here for more..

Interview in Fatherly

Fatherly talks to Nate about the key themes, insights, and practices of The 80/80 Marriage. Click here for more.

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