Free Guide to EPIC Date Night
Free Guide to EPIC Date Night

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You'll receive an email within 48 hours with a free code for the 80/80 half day immersion retreat on Shard Success as well as a PDF of the "Stay-at-Home Survival Guide." For more details, see below.

Deeper connection and shared success starts here (a $100 value).

The 80/80 Marriage half day shared success immersion offers a unique opportunity to explore your values, priorities, and roles together. Led by Nate and Kaley Klemp, this retreat is on demand, meaning you can do it whenever and wherever you want. In fact, you can even break it up into several one hour sessions. You'll learn:

  • Tools for shifting out of conflicts over fairness
  • How to come up with a list of shared values
  • Strategies for building your life together around clear priorities
  • Tools for creating a new, more intentional, structure of roles

Learn 5 Essential Practices for Surviving (and thriving) in Stay-at-Home Marriage.

Marriage has always been hard. But now it’s even harder. In prepandemic times, you needed to have 20 or so agreements with your partner. Now, it’s more like 200. These extreme times call for extreme measures. And that’s why we created this guide. It’s designed to help you not only survive but even thrive in your marriage during these challenging tools. The 80/80 Marriage survival guide consists of 5 powerful practices: 

  • Radical Generosity – The mindset shift from 50/50 to 80/80
  • Space – Creating rituals that give you more physical and mental space  
  • Revealing – Sharing your frustrations and disappointments cleanly
  • Redefining Roles – Creating a new structure of roles to match this new reality
  • Date ‘Something’ – Building time alone together as a couple into each week.

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