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How to Have a Happy and Healthy Sex Life in The Midst of Coronavirus Quarantine

coronavirus sex May 12, 2020


We thought we’d ask because this is a real question for many couples. 

In the abstract, getting stuck together in a small space for months at a time sounds downright erotic. Don’t people travel long distances and pay tons of money for that sort of thing?

But then there's the reality of quarantine. The daily stream of heart-wrenching news updates. The background hum of stress and anxiety. And the fact that you now see each other, your pets, and your kids, well, every single moment of each day. All of this poses a fundamental challenge to your erotic life.

So even though Covid-19 and quarantine might not be very sexy, what can you do to experience intimacy during this crazy time?



1. Talk about it.

The less you talk about sex in quarantine, the more strange and awkward the whole thing becomes. So it’s worth considering: what do you miss from your old erotic life together? What would you like to see change?


2. Make a plan.

We know what you’re thinking. Planning sex is about his erotic as discussing the molecular structure of the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. And yet, in these conditions, there’s almost no chance sex will arise in a spontaneous and organic way. So give your partner a heads up. That way they can get excited about it and mentally prepare.


3. Find some way to be alone together.

This one's for couples with kids. Maybe you don’t have babysitters anymore. Maybe your nanny quit. Maybe your extended family members are locked away in self-quarantine. But see if you can find some way to spend quality time alone together. Good old fashioned connection and locking the door might just be the best way to reboot your sex life.

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